'The texts by QuickEssay are among the most interesting I've read so far.'
says Karlheinz Hudelbrot.

'I have been involved in the discourse of media theory and philosophy of culture for many years now, and I haven't seen anything like QuickEssay. At first, I, too, was sceptical, but after reading only some of the texts produced by the QuickEssay software extension I was convinced.'
'QuickEssay has created valuable contributions to the debate on post-capitalist semiotics, has made key statements on the politics of mediation and has opened up the field of a socio-cultural philosophy of critical intertextuality in many ways.
As a thinker and as a writer, I would state that the contemporary condition can't do without QuickEssay anymore.
I highly recommend it.'

Karlheinz Hudelbrot (Hannover, 1936) lectures on the political aesthetics of media at the University of Mainz, and has written books including 'Media and the Sublime' (Donau Books, 1973) and 'Symbolic Reality and its Significance to Cultural Mediation Processes in the sense of Metzker' (The Semiotic Library, 1998). He is an editor to the Leipzig Journal of Meaning.

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